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Love the Shampoo, it’s the first time my goatee has ever felt soft after a shampoo and cleanse. The Shea Beard Oil smells great, and keeps my goatee soft and the skin underneath supple and not dried out as in the past. Thank you again for carrying some great products, you can guarantee that I will be ordering again!!

Craig / Client

I highly recommend D’Headmaster products to men who are cultivating moustaches, beards or goatees. D’Headmaster has assembled a very high quality set of products; most of which I’ve tried. One of my favorites is Hemp CBD Beard Balm & Shea Oil. The other good thing about D’Headmaster is their prompt shipping. 

Atheer / Client

I feel on top of the world. I feel motivated. I feel empowered. I am the master of my own hair, I am D’Headmaster.

Chuck / Client

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